Science funding, meet DeSci.
We create a transparent, immutable trail of impact for every donation.

Decentralized science (DeSci) is a new approach to science infrastructure that is open, inclusive, and radically more efficient.

For funding science, this means you can now track your donation portfolio transactions from initial contribution all the way to allocation of funds to research grant awardees. Our goal is to maximize the impact of your donation every step of the way and bring you along the exciting path to discovery.

At the heart of our protocol is the Science Funding Token (SFT), a non-fungible token designed specifically for tracking scientific impact. An SFT is a smart receipt for your investment in science. In addition to being your key to following the impact of your donation, it also unlocks exciting content and opportunities to share in the joy of scientific discovery. From unique NFTs, interactive data visualizations, to exclusive events with leading researchers, we guarantee you've never had a donor experience quite like this.

Our research grant programs are also at the leading edge of impact optimization. Using a new approach called acceleration funding, we're eliminating the most wasteful and corrupted step of the grant lifecycle - grant applications. Our no application process focuses on rapid publications and ensures a tight feedback loop between the most up to date research findings and active funding targets.

If you'd like to discuss your specific donation or impact investment needs, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.


Scientific Impact

SFT protocols
Use our industry standard science funding smart contracts, or discuss custom contract requirements for your needs, whether its charitable giving, tracking funding impact, or receiving smart grants at your institution.
Science NFT drops
Planning an NFT drop for a scientific community? We can help. From designing the NFT series to converting donations into a grant program, we got you covered.
Impact portfolios
Charitable fund managers can develop a custom scientific impact portfolio that will create lasting impact in emerging fields of study.

Acceleration Funding

No application
Based on rapid publications. More time for science!
Focus on the science
Rapid, open science. Support reproducible, rigorous science. Iterative, community driven steps. Not heroes.
Career funding
We know that collaborative, open research is great for science. But it can also cost researchers traditional opportunities. That's why we're committed to supporting scientific careers and making sure scientists aren't punished for doing the right thing. We've got your back.
Invest in science today.
We'll create a tailored protocol and funding program to meet your impact objectives in basic science.
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